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I love Spider and use it often. I am always in the top 5 of the search engines, so thanks for a great poduct.

Norm Harris
Chips Annoy Windshield Repair

YES, YES, YES. Man this is GREAT! ...It works like a this thing is totally cool...
-Richard Horridge Gruene Cliff Bed and Breakfast

It's a fantastic program..
-Larry Simpson

The Submission-Spider is so easy to use...
-Mark Thompson

I do web design here in houston, texas and I want to start offering submissions for myself. I would always outsource it to other companies. I like the Submission-Spider and it is very functional and easy to use....
-Jesse Deleon

Thanks Submission Spider. We have been using another submission tool for nearly two years and we were listed in the top three sites on most search engines but what we didn't realise was that almost nobody was searching for the keywords that were putting us there. After using the submission spider we soon realised this thanks to the keyword analyser and our traffic is already increasing. This is definately the BEST and CHEAPEST submission tool that I have found.
Dave, Thornton Burns Recruitment

Hey John,
I really love the Submission-Spider Software, after having it for 6 months My site is already a Page Rank 3 with google, and we are getting traffic, thanks for creating something that works.

Josh Lifford
Lifford Marketing

Just wanted to let you know that the installation was no problem. It all ran well. You have a good product and I wish you all the success with it. Regards,

Dear John, I have downloaded the Submission-Spider Software and liked what it was all about.

Thanks, I'm going to be your fan - big time!
-Olev Rumm

Yes, I'm very impressed already told others about the software...
-Greg Riley

John...I used it two times yesterday and found that it worked exxxxtremely smoothly. I enjoy having the ability to check my company's position on the search engines. John there is nothing better than good working, easy to understand software. Yours is absolutely the BEST! I was thinking as I used it that it was so good, that it would be worth paying for it again (lol). thank you for all your help. I also appreciate the traffic guide very much. It has some very useful information which I will use to get us better positioning. Best Regards and Many thanks!!
-Sherwin Berger RTI Group Marketing

I run several websites, and also provide a design service, so I **need** submission software. I've tried several, and I had settled on one product...One of the PLUS points about Submission-Spider, I think, is the online keyword analysis. I also like the fact that you explain in the docs that there is no simple formula to getting a top 10 listing. I have had to explain to several clients that I cannot just magic up a top 10 search engine listing for them straight away when I design & promote a website. There are FAR TOO MANY adverts which promise just this!! I intend to stick with the Submission-Spider... Best Regards
-Diana Weston

Thank you for all my questions you have answered, I have to say you guys are good. TECH SUPPORT is excellent. I am not sorry I bought your software. I keep on saying it you guys are good, and FAST FAST.
-Lennox Saunders Network Administer Tech-Trek Ltd

Dear John: I am very impressed with this. It's so rare for people to follow-up or care if you're happy with their program. Thanks! Regards,

John, Thank you very much. I tried out your software and I love it. It is easy to use and very efficient.
-Elaine Crosby The Redd Group

Hello John, I have to say that I am utterly impressed...what I plan to do is to openly promote your services on our Web-Site...
-Kevin Green CEO

Thank you for creating such wonderful software, it's great software.
-George Skelton

John, Submitting was easy and stratight forward.
-Dirk Brandon IT Manager Power Service, Incorporated

Hello John: OK, I'm impressed. I'm not used to anyone on the net actually being helpful. Thank you for helping.
-Jerrold H. Nelson

The Graphic User Interface is very nice and user friendly.
-Joseph A. Vescio

I tried it out last night, and going to use it again tonight...I like makes my site pop up in the top of the engines. Thanks,
-Eric Ortego

John, I have to commend you on your fast and thoughtful customer service. I almost think you are a robot. It seems worth the price just to have the sincere customer service that you give. I went to another site that guarantees placement for $3,000 to set up and $300 a month to maintain and update. Your product seems too good to be true. I noticed that you have good search engine placement, so you know what you are doing. I really appreciate the length you go to to support your product, and I wish you the best. Thanks,
-Donna Dawson Habitat for Humanity of Suwannee County

John: I have a small computer training company in South Florida and I have a very large clientel of realtors who are always interested in promoting web sites on the net. I was explaining and showing the class how to register with the search engines and I described tools such as your Submission-Spider program. I downloaded it and installed it in front of the worked well!
-David Reid SoftwareTeacher, Inc.

I remember using an earlier version and I'm still in the top ten with Altavista 4 years later. I really like the interface of it. The meta tag generator is a superb idea - I always leave them out and now I have no excuse. Your software certainly makes it a hell of a lot less painful than trying to do each engine individually...and certainly it is quicker. Put it this way - I went trawling through all these submit for free areas and half of them would get you to type in all your details and then sneakily put a payment button on the last page (4 or 5 pages in) Others were just plain bad design and not working. On the whole I must have spent a couple of hours with various bits and pieces getting infuriated with incomplete fields. With your software I filled in two pages and clicked send. This I completed in about 5 minutes (including download)... hence I have time on my hands to write messages of thanks. You have my recommendation. Great stuff.
-Steve Manton

Hi John, thanks for personally e-mailing me. I've been looking for a program like that for ever now. I'll give you five stars or two thumbs up for the program! Very Cool!
-Derek Roth

Thanks John. The software is very easy to use. Great Interface. I particularly liked the tab on listing in search engines -- the top 10 top 20 thing. Also the tracking the number of links submitted to search engines. Regards,
-Arvind Munshi India Today Group Online

I think you have the best submission program available today. I am seeing results already and it has only been a couple weeks. Thank you.
-Mary Howard

Hi, just got your program. It's great!
-Marty Topping

Thanks. I appreciate it. I have placed my order for your complete package. I have great respect for companies that take care of the clients.
-John Farrier

Thank you for your quick response to my concerns and for covering them all. I really like your software and will be using it more often. I have known about your company for some time and know you produce high quality software for web promotion and judging from your quick response - not auto response - I can tell you are a hands on company that deals with customer service and concerns in a professional manner which is a very good quality on the net. ...It is a very good program and easy to use. I consider your program one of the best for all around user friendliness and I have tried just about all of the submission software [on the net]. Thank you again for answering my concerns and I know I will enjoy being a user of your product. Best regards from;
-Dave Dornian

Thank you for your prompt response to my request. I look forward to doing buss. with you in the future. Thumbs up on the software its working out great for my company. Thank's Again,
-John Hartle, PCI MEDIA htp://

Thanks a lot! That is service!!
-Ann Mulhern Mulhern & Company Advertising Inc.

Well I'm impressed. Even someone like me who doesn't like to read the manual can do this! Thanks
-Joy Katzen-Guthrie

This is the kind of help I need, tailored to my needs. I thank you a whole bunch for your words of wisdom. Thanks again:-)
-Armando Oritz

I had previous subscribed to a submission service, and had to deal with hundreds of obnoxious e-mails from FFA sites - I'm very glad you leave those out! I especially like the "dead link" check for my own extensive web site. I find the Submission-Spider to be the better value..
-Houston R. Allen

Thank you for your rapid response. It's nice to deal with responsive and knowledgeable tech support
-Greg Palmer Internet Marketing Manager Greatland Corporation

Submission-Spider is an easy-to-use, efficient tool that can help you to promote your Website through meta tag creation, Website submission to multiple search engines, position analysis, and link popularity checking. Quick and easy to install, the program features a tabbed interface that's very user-friendly... Upon giving us their coveted Editors Pick Award

Thank you so much for all your help and personal attention. I will definitely be purchasing your software! Thanks Again!
-Mary Dzyacky

John, I tried your submission software and I found it to be easy to use and I liked the idea of posting to the major Search Engines. Thank you.
-Shawn P. Moore

Hi John, Thanks for the email. I had no problem installing the program, it was very easy. In fact, the whole program was very well designed and easy to use. Thanks again. Kind Regards,

John, Great software!
-Jason August S. Robert August & Company, Inc.

Will do. Thanks for such great personal service!!
-Mary Dzyacky Webfoot.Net

John, Thanks for everything...I can see why you are at the top. I beleive in your product and know you can do what you preach.. What a deal..good timing i suppose..Thanks for your reply and help.. I know you are busy, but I admire your personal emails and customer contact. thanks!
-Jesse DeLeon

I just downloaded you submission software 30 minutes ago. I have a video store online and I thought my key words were great. I just found out how little I know. Your keyword search just taught me a lesson. I am now heading over to buy the program. Then sneak over and change my keywords. I am really looking forward to using all this program. No wonder I am not in the searches. Thanks
-Edward Lasko

Hi There, I am definitely interested in becoming a reseller of Submission-Spider. I have had the program for a few months now and I am extremely satified with the results and performance of this product. Please let me know how to get started. Thanks...
-Ben Delanoy

John, I've received a lot of promotional e-mail, autoresponders,etc., but this one definately kicks butt! I was getting ready to send you an e-mail asking about whether you had any type of affiliate program and then up popped the referral screen. WOW! In all seriousness, John, your program is definately worth it's regular price. I mean look at those companies like I Need Hits, who charge 50-60 bucks a month for the same benefits. Thanks again,
-Kenny Grossman

Great, thanks for your help John. I don't think I've ever had such excellent and prompt service from any online customer help, a very good service!
-Stephen Mcbride

Thanks John, Your quick response to my inquiry has convinced me. I will be purchasing your program within a few hours.

Thanks for the update and keeping me posted. You're one of the few software providers out there who not only offer outstanding support but also prompt information when new versions of the software comes out. This was well worth my investment! And you can quote me. Thanks, again-
-Shawna Newton

Hi John, I am buying your program today. What Fantastic!! additions you have made to your program Spider. I am more than pleased. Thanks John,
-Mary M. Howard Treasures Old & New

Hello John, I turned my neighbor Nancy on to your submission-spider which she purchased from you and sent me an email telling me how happy she was from seeing some new results at her site. Thank you for taking the time to read and answer this.
-Timothy Wayt

Thank you John and I think your software is Excellent, just waiting the 4-6 weeks to see if I get entered. Thanks again for your time.
-Edwin Canales

Hi John, Yes I have tried the new one out and it works great. It has taught me alot on what I was doing wrong, but it still says that there are 3 dead links on my web site. I'm still looking into what the probs are. Knowing how many have searched for the keywords really helps alot. Thanks. You have really been a big help.

John-- Things are going great... Thanks! Travis :-)
-Travis Wright

John, Some time ago you sent me information on how to work my way through the website to increase the possibility of my web site being in the top ten. I checked 'Yahoo" and Covenant Farm came up first...! Thanks,
-Ken Evans

Yeah, i recently bought submission-spider. i really like it. Thanks

You have made my life so much easier in about 15 minutes!! I began building a website for my Design Your Own T-shirt and Mousepad business one month ago and realize just how difficult it is to get it off the ground on your own. The enthusiasm is there, and the sleepless nights of building and learning because you are so excited finally turn into feelings of hopelessness and desperation when the stats show noone is coming to your site! And even after paying two or three advertising companies! I feel like I was meant to find this book and I'll tell you why. I was thinking about this problem for the last few days, ...just received an email from a freind whose site had a webpromoter's ad on the bottom of it. I clicked on that and came to their site on promoting.. then I found an awards page for that site... long story short, YOUR web address was on the award and I felt this urge to find out what it was!!?! And now, here I am ten times smarter after downloading your book!! Questions I had are now put into perspective~ I am ready to take charge and know I will be having more questions along the way so I thank you in advance for your Marketer's In A Box solution, how ingenious on many levels! I am grateful to have found such a sincere person who tells it like it is, and for free. Truly hard to come by in this world... thanks, Kristen Lauter 'Art Wear By Kristen' where everyone is an artist.
-Kristen Chase Lauter

Your product is extremly useful. It combines Web Position Gold and Word Tracker into one solid uniform tool. I really appreciate this tool..I would definitely choose your product as my submission tool of choice. Thanks for providing this powerful, unique tool. Thank you for your much appreciated help. You have been an excellent help. Sincerely
-Ben Cloutier

Hello John, I installed the software successfully and I was also able to test the software out. I am very pleased with your web submission tool. I liked it more then Web Position Gold. I think it will quickly become the most preferred Web Submission tool. Thank you for your much appreciated help. You have been an excellent help. Thanks,
-Ben Cloutier

I have tried the software and I think it's a great program. It makes the process so much easier. Thanks for the great product From
-Jordan Chabot Telecast Photography

Dear John, I am really impressed for the success that you have achieved so far at the age of 23. I am 40, and father of 4! You cannot imagine the stress that I go through when things do not seamgly [sic] going right! And I think this tool is great. I will try. God bless you,
-Francisco Antonio

Dear John, Thanks for your welcoming e-mail. I feel part of the Club already. I ordered submission-spider on your site...I then downloaded the trial version as I wanted to get started. Great tool - I am delighted already and have just downloaded Thanks again for good software - ...a real deal.
-Russell Lunt Yachtbrokers International, Antibes.

Thank you for incredibly fast and personal response. This is great software.

Hi love this book it is helping me alot i am only 15 and i have a web site out there and it is doing fairly well thanks alot!!!!!!
-Stephen Shamakian

Hi John, I have been very impressed with the software! It is very easy to use and was a snap to install! I really like that information that it provides!
-Derek Robinson RE/MAX Alliance REALTORS

Just purchased your software... excellent so far, impressive.... good ideas in marketing...Excellent job :)
-Laura Duellman

Hi John, Using Submission-Spider has really made my work a lot easier. I don't have to spend weeks submitting sites. Kind regards
-Sandras J. Phiri

Hello John, My boss owns a Web Design Company and I am the submission analyst for the company. Thanks John, I love your software.....I thank you for all your help,
-Ben Cloutier

Hello John, I did purchase a copy of Submission-Spider. I really enjoy the program. Thanks,
-Rick Page

Hi, John! is a very good product. Not only am I using Submission-Spider on my site, and one full client, but I actually now have two new companies that are paying me $100/year to re-submit them to the search engines every two months. For a part-time business started last year during a recession, better than I thought. So I am now depending on Submission Spider. Thanks,
-Houston R. Allen Houston's Web World

Thanks! I got ranked in the top 20 in
-Jesse DeLeon

Hi John Thanks for the Submission Spider as it does a really good job of submitting to the search engines and is really easy to use. I have submitted my site to 30 top engines in one afternoon. Thanks again. I found your site in the Google search engine. I really like what you have on your site and will buy your books soon; as I need to learn more on how to make my living on the net as my job was terminated at the end of the year. Thanks again

John- Thanks for your help.
-Alison (Ali) Shoemaker O'Melveny Consulting, a subsidiary of O'Melveny & Myers

Hi ...your software is undoubtedly the best I have seen. I have downloaded demos of all other software and I am just in awe at the sheer brilliance of your products. Thanks once again for all your assistance. As a newbie to internet marketing would it be possible for you to give me some pointers in internet advertising? I realize how busy you are but I will appreciate every bit of experience from someone like you who is very professional and experienced. I have ordered Submission Spider and Yip Submit from you which I am thoroughly enjoying . I have really enjoyed the support and co-operation of your company. Best Wishes
-Manchand Singh

Hi again John. ...your software - I think it will save A LOT of time as I try to get this new site up to the top ranking. My friends and I are pretty profficient at search engine ranking and know the tweeks and fixes that should be done on sites to get them up there. But, as I said, the manual submission process takes time. That's where I think your software will give me the most value.

We think the software's great. We are currently setting up a webdesign company, and we are sure to recommend this software to our customers. We will be looking at becomming a reseller as well. Kind Regards
-Andy Orton

Thanks, John. This is very helpful info. Thanks for taking the time to check it out for me. I have noticed that the nav bar at the top isn't recognized by the engines but so many of my clients want that and I didn't know how to get around it to get the search engines to see the content. Your idea of placing the bottom page links is great. I did a site for the Sonoran Arts League down here and they wanted a "search the site" thing on there and that's when I first discovered that the nav bar was a problem. I had to list every single page manually and there were over 70+ pages at the time: Quite the hassle so I was hoping for an alternative for the hay site. Thanks for saving me a ton of hassle! All My Best,

Dear Sir, Received your software and have used it in my business so far. It's easy to use and I enjoy the ease and quality of the product. I have a question...I have visited other search engine submission sites for information and curiosity. It seems prices range from $9.00 to over $2000 per month for submitting sites on a regular basis. ...I checked on Google for search engine submission sites and yours was number 10! I guess it works! Thank you. I am using your software for my clients.
-Doug Brewer

I have found Submission Spider just great. Many thanks.
-Dianne Darryl

Support and Tech Department, be advised that this is the first time I worked with a program like yours, that even a kid can work with and really my experience getting all the results was FANTASTIC for such a Spider Submission Program.Congratulation
-Alfredo Pichardo

John Thanks allot for holding my hand through this! I am an animator not a web designer. Hope I did this right Take a look at
-Robert Kaplan

Installed great. Nice tools. I am getting used to the software. It is pretty intuitive. With a product like coffee, we are only slighly less saturated in the 'web' market than the porn industry! It is hard to make a unique store like ours stick out amid the masses. Thanks
-Jazzy J.

Hey John, I'm very happy with the product! We've been using the over prices web trends for years now (Log-analyzer) and this was just as good at a fraction of the price. Nice work! All in all , this is going to be great -- I"m excited. Have a great day and keep up the great work!
-Kevin Penny Systems Analyst ComMark, Inc.

John, The Installation went Great. I have run the software and all options. It worked great. I will be purchasing it shortly.... Thanks

Hi John, Your software is a great success, I've already noticed increased traffic! ...once again Top software!! many thanks.
-Scott Allan

Dear John, We have been successfully listed on several of the websites that we submitted to, Thanks. Ali
-Alison (Ali) Shoemaker O'Melveny Consulting, a subsidiary of O'Melveny & Myers

I am over the moon with this product(especially the Link popularity), I'm actually a mainframe programmer and I think your submission tool/utilities are really great...a refreshing change to get a quality product from the net. I actually run three small consultancy companies and I am always being asked about Internet related subjects so at least I can talk about one that actually delivers... Keep up the good work and mainly keep the tips coming.. Rgds,
-Martin Kirkham

Thanks John, As you know I already have submission-spider. I am really enjoying Submission-Spider, it's very easy to use and a absolutely must have product for any company that has a web presence. Thank Again.
-Damond A. Butler, V.P. On The Verge Management & Marketing

Hello John, I am impressed! Of course I have not had time yet to actually see results, (Two days!) but I see that you are the kind of person I like to deal with. You seem honest, and sincere, and you have certainly hit on all the things I have already been doing to get ready to see my site grow. I found out these things simply by searching and WORK! But, had I tried your software, and read your FAQs, It would have saved some footwork, but then again, Firsthand experience is the best I guess. I am a complete novice at this, But I have found this process of building a site, (I use Cute FTP right now) is fun! And interesting too. Although I have extra motivation (God) I am running on a NOTHING budget, But I already decided to purchase your software the first of March. I am a 100% disabled Veteran (Viet Nam) And I have to wait on 'Uncle Sam" But I will recommend your product to others in the meantime. It is easy to use (I've tried others) Yours will be the FIRST i will buy! I already had my "Keywords" But your program found nothing wrong with my site! Must be doing something right! And the best of luck to your future! I see it is bright already. I have two sons, 16 & 15yrs old, who both have interest in technology, and are EXCELLENT in math (Good foundation) They are wanting to get into the "Game software" segment of the industry. (Programming) Well, I'll stop, (Start talking about my kids you'll go to sleep!) Talk to ya latter, GOOD PRODUCT! Satisfied,
-Keith Hansford

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