Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this a new version of the original Submission-Spider Search Engines Submission Software?
A.Nope, the Quick Index Tool is totally new software.

Q.How many sites can I use this software with?
A.You can use it with as many sites as you want, all at no additional charge.

Q.What about updates?
A.We update the list of sites that the software submits to continually. You get all updates for free for the life of the software. It updates automatically every time you use it.

Q.Will this software help improve my web site's search engine rankings?
A.No! The purpose of this software is just to get your "brand new" site indexed by Google as quickly as possible. It won't help improve the rankings of a site that's already listed at Google. The only thing that will do that these days is to get other web sites to link to your site constructively.

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